Get A Six Pack Fast & Lose Stomach Fat For Summer

Get A Six Pack Fast

get a six pack fast

Here’s how to get a six pack in as little as 10 minutes a day. Its now time to lose stomach fat for summer right now!!

Many people misunderstand what is required to get a six pack basically there are some simple rules you need to follow.

Here is the simple six pack formula laid out for you:

Combine a high protein low carb diet with 15 minutes cardiovascular workout on alternate days   = six pack abs

You don’t even need a gym just a level floor is fine. The secret to a getting a six pack and to lose that stomach fat is to ensure you work the abs from all angles and at different speeds. That is exactly what the six pack routine below incorporates.  The routine is tough but stick at it and you will be amazed by the results.

The Essential Warm-up

Warming up prior to every weight training session is an absolute must and should never be missed. The warming up phase increases blood circulation and gently prepares and stretches the muscles tendons and ligaments in a controlled fashion prior to the main body of the workout. All of this means that once you have warmed up your muscles you will be able to lift heavier weights than from cold without the risk of injuries. Its time to get a six pack and lose stomach fat for the beaches!!

Exercise 1 Ab Blasting Crunch
Ok we have all done regular crunches, but now its time to really blast your abs, try this advanced ab exercise.

Lie on the floor in the Crunch position, knees bent, hands over ears, or resting on the back of the head Now, crunch up approximately 10 inches, holding the contraction for 6 seconds. In this fully contracted position, the key is to really squeeze your abs together hard. Imagine pushing your upper abs into your lower abs and vice-versa (like an accordion coming together).

Then return to the starting position as slow as possible keeping those abs tensed it should take about 4 seconds.Now repeat the crunch maintaining as much continuous tension on the abs as possible. Forget the amount of reps go for quality.

When you can not do anymore have a 20 second rest no longer then do as many normal crunches as possible

Exercise 2 Hanging Leg Raises
Hanging Leg Raises are an excellent intense movement for blasting those hard get lower abs. Ok but it is imperative that you do them so lets get started

Start by hanging from a lat chin up bar, hands shoulder width apart, arms fully extended.Keeping your knees together but slightly bent raise your legs by abdominal power only do not swing, raise until your feet are about level with your waist and hold, contract the abs for 5 seconds before lowering in a controlled fashion tensing the abs as you do so to the starting point and repeat. Do at least 12 reps

Exercise 3 Pulley Rope Crunch
Here’s a great finisher for the abs With the rope attached to the high pulley on the cable machine, grab one end of it with both hands. Pull the rope down so that you are kneeling on the floor with your hands positioned just above your head, ensure that your hands stay firmly locked in this position. Now pull down bending forward at the waist all the way to the floor. Use all ab power to pull down no swinging hold the bottom position and tense those abs return up slowly still tensing as you do so. Repeat the movement for at least 12 reps.

So there you go no more excuses let’s get a six pack fast and lose stomach fat for summer


Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six-Pack Workout Review

The Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack

jillian michaels 6 week six-packGet Super sexy super fit with the latest Jillian Michaels 6 week six-pack dvd workout

It is a fact that Jillian has amazing abs.  She puts together a tough workout, as we’ve seen with “Shred-It With Weights,” “30 Day Shred” and more. Therefore, it stands to reason that her “6 Week Six-Pack” DVD would kick some serious, umm, abs, right?

What does Jillian Michaels 6 week six-pack offer

The DVD offers two 30- to 35-minute segments — level one and level two. Both are very similar workouts, but level two takes the moves from level one and kicks it up a notch. In these core workouts, you use a hand weight, though the size is up to you (Michaels and the two women in the video appear to be using rather light weights, but the video doesn’t make any recommendations).

The workouts each feature a dynamic warm-up, a circuit workout that features short intervals to raise your heart rate and is done twice, and a brief cool down.

Level of Difficulty
Like other videos by Jillian Michaels, I would put this one in the intermediate to advanced camp.

Next-Day Soreness
Significant but not debilitating and (not surprisingly) mainly in the abs.

Who’s It For?
Those who like Jillian Michaels will, obviously, be drawn to the workouts, but those who are looking for a reasonably short, tough workout that focuses on the core will also enjoy this. Well, at least they’ll appreciate it.

What I like about the 6 week six-pack workout

The workouts are solid — I was huffing and puffing and sweating in both levels. Despite this being an abs workout, my biceps, shoulders and thighs all felt the movements. That being said, it wasn’t so difficult and intense that I couldn’t have tacked it on to the end of a run or strength-training workout.

My Dislikes of the 6 week six-pack workout

I wish Michaels had given a bit more in the way of safety instruction. There are a number of moves that involve twisting and swinging your hand weight — I could see where one could tweak something rather easily.

Bottom Line
I liked the workouts, and, in fact, my husband (who rarely joins me in checking out DVDs) found both levels to be serious workouts. I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner, and if someone has very little core strength, I’d suggest starting with a very light weight (or none at all, which is shown as an option in level one). Overall, though, it’s certainly a keeper, and I see it getting a lot of play when bikini season rolls around!

Description of what you can expect from the Jillian Michaels 6 week six-pack workout

Get ripped, flat abs in 6 weeks with America’s toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels. Forget boring sit-ups – Jillian’s ab-shredding system will chisel the midsection with her winning combination of core-focused cardio circuits and ab-toning exercises. 6 Week Six-Pack includes two dynamic 30-minute workouts plus warm-ups and cooldowns. Start with Level 1 for three weeks, then advance to Level 2 for increased intensity and fat burn. Stick with it and see dramatic results checkout  Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Workout Now

order Jillian Michaels 6 week six-pack dvd




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Home Abs Workout Blitz!! – Part 6 – Get 6 Pack Abs

Get 6 Pack Abs at home here: At the halfway point of this killer “home abs workout” blitz series and it’s time to raise the bar….literally! In this week number 6 of your 12 week transformation to “6 pack abs” I’m going to teach you how to target the lower abs using a series of hanging bar exercises. A ripped midsection is within your grasp now….no time for quitting. Keep up the hard work and continue to do these ab exercises up to 6 times this week and be the best on the beach this Summer with your new 6 pack! You might say to yourself that you don’t have access to a giant squat rack with a pullup bar in it and therefore won’t be able to do these ab exercises in your home. That’s not true at all. You can get this home abs workout done by simply hanging one of those doorway pullup bars between any doorway in your house and instantly be able to target those lower abs with lower ab exercises like hanging knee raise variations, hanging leg ab exercise, etc. You’ll also probably notice this week that once again, Jeff Cavaliere and AthLEAN-X are bringing you unique abs workouts and not the same old boring ab exercises that haven’t been getting the job done for you. By switching up the way that you train your core, you will see faster results and a more noticeable six pack stomach by finally training the abs the way their meant to be trained. Already seeing huge results at the halfway point and want to take all of your workouts to the next level? Then head

Get Six Pack Abs Without Long Cardio Sessions

How To Get Six Pack Abs



get six pack abs

I see it all the time in the gym, and it is the most common mistake everybody makes when looking to get six pack abs. They wrongly believe that you have to spend hour after hour on the treadmill or other cardio vascular equipment to lose weight and reveal those six pack abs.

Well the truth is if you want to achieve that falt toned stomach and burn off those layers of body fat that are covering those abs you need to ensure that your cardio routines are short and intense. Not only will this save your valuble time but the results will be immeasurable.

Nobody knows better than myself in todays busy world, that maximising your time is a juggling act, you know the score, children to school, shopping, cooking, cleaning and working out, so in order to get six pack abs you need to keep your cardio workouts short and sweet.

Let me show explain to you the disadvantages of  long cardio sessions that you probably might not be aware of.



During a steady-state cardiovascular workout (jogging on a treadmill) you are raising your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which remains elevated while you train. Sure that is great if you are trying to lose weight, but after you run for an hour you will only burn calories for a couple of hours. Continue reading