Home Abs Workout Blitz!! – Part 6 – Get 6 Pack Abs

Get 6 Pack Abs at home here: www.athleanx.com At the halfway point of this killer “home abs workout” blitz series and it’s time to raise the bar….literally! In this week number 6 of your 12 week transformation to “6 pack abs” I’m going to teach you how to target the lower abs using a series of hanging bar exercises. A ripped midsection is within your grasp now….no time for quitting. Keep up the hard work and continue to do these ab exercises up to 6 times this week and be the best on the beach this Summer with your new 6 pack! You might say to yourself that you don’t have access to a giant squat rack with a pullup bar in it and therefore won’t be able to do these ab exercises in your home. That’s not true at all. You can get this home abs workout done by simply hanging one of those doorway pullup bars between any doorway in your house and instantly be able to target those lower abs with lower ab exercises like hanging knee raise variations, hanging leg ab exercise, etc. You’ll also probably notice this week that once again, Jeff Cavaliere and AthLEAN-X are bringing you unique abs workouts and not the same old boring ab exercises that haven’t been getting the job done for you. By switching up the way that you train your core, you will see faster results and a more noticeable six pack stomach by finally training the abs the way their meant to be trained. Already seeing huge results at the halfway point and want to take all of your workouts to the next level? Then head

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25 thoughts on “Home Abs Workout Blitz!! – Part 6 – Get 6 Pack Abs”

  1. i usually have a protein shake after most exercises i do, for example gym, sprint work etc.. just curious whether u recommend taking a shake after abs work out as well?? is it worth it?

  2. I cant seem to do any of the first 3 exercises, i just cant seem to hold myself up, I only weight 75kg and i’m 20years old and 6ft, i have a low % body fat and some muscle but i cant manage to keep myself up while doing them, any? tip or suggestions?!?

  3. thank you for making these videos. I love the fact that you walk the walk and talk the talk!?

  4. Hey Jeff, this is my meal plan for most days. Quick oat oatmeal at around 6:15 am, custom trail mix (1 cup rice crunch-ems cereal, 1/2 cup cashews and a handful of dried fruit)? at around 9 am, a apple at around 12 pm, a banana or another apple when i get home at around 4pm, dinner at 6-7pm fish about 1/2 the time, a half a can of tuna, salmon, or sometimes almond butter on something. And a handful of dried fruit, banana, apple, or a handful of nuts before i go to bed at 11-12.

  5. @JDCav24

    Thank you very much, that has helped me? a lot!

    One other question – I couldn’t do the first exercise shown in this video because I can’t hold my legs up at all, they drop down immediately. Also, I can’t hang for a long time because my shoulders hurt a lot. What should I do?

  6. @ Jeff

    You mentioned in this video that not a lot of supplements are good for you, so could you please answer a question, because I really don’t believe anybody and I need a professional opinion! Are Xpand Xtreme Pump (Dymatize) and Shock Therapy (Universal Nutrition) OK or not? I don’t know if this is the right name in English, but here in Serbia these supplements are? in the “Transporter Systems and NO Reactors” category. Please, I really need to know this!

  7. Hey Jeff I was just wondering I’m about 155 pounds and don’t really know how much creatine I should be taking per day?
    ? Thanks

  8. @johanjansson13 You can do the same movements but they won’t be nearly as challenging since you’re taking away the gravity component. The best thing you could do is invest in a $15? door chin up bar since then you could use it for lots of other upper body exercises as well.

  9. Ok guys I’m going to week 7 now. This was a very tough week the exercises are really hard but still after all those weeks leave me with muscle ache… Jeff you’re hurting me man =( guys I’m telling you if this was my end product, I? would seriously say that it hasn’t been for nothing, luckily I’m no where till the end yet =) Good Luck guys see you next week

  10. @lokrenzo he means for each set, do as many reps as you can do with good form until you can’t do anymore, i.e. to failure. So for some that might? be 25 reps per set, for others that might be only 6 per set.

  11. @Sting977? Peanut butter packs a powerful dose of healthy fats with protein and therefore is a great food option. The only problem is…it’s one of those foods that’s usually eaten in serving sizes 5 times what’s recommended. The real serving size is like 2 tablespoons. The average user puts about 5-6 tablespoons on to make a sandwich. See the problem? Stick to it in the serving recommended and you’ll do great!

  12. Sup Jeff, I have done what you asked my to and dropped out almost every kind of drink for water and reduces the fat in my diet with I think over 90%! But now i have a little riddle for you which I can’t figure out: What’s the deal with peanut butter ? Some say it’s good for you, others say there is to much? fat in it… Can you help me out a bit there (if it’s within your knowledge since you are not a dietist)

  13. i just tried this 2 c how hard it was. im on week 2. yeah exercises in week 6, cant do? very much yet

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