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  1. So the debate ensues about eating.? I am delighted to put up any posts that stirs debate. It is good to have a different perspective from everyone. However, when it comes to eating. The debate as I see it is which is more important eating “right” or training. There is a great understanding between men and women that I believe we can all agree, “garbage in – garbage out”. This goes for the mind – and the body. It is not a judgmental statement it simply elementary. Love your body- Peace all,Vic

  2. this is what i would call conscious bodybuilding.nice to hear you mention prayers instead of steroids vic.most of the guys out there are? to vain to even consider where their strength is coming from.Praise be to God.Thank you Vic, you inspire me.

  3. If you think that this excersice is tough, buy his mp3′s and you’ll see how fast? you will gain muscle. I tell that because I have his mp3′s and in less than a month I saw the reasults! keep up the good work Vic and thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  4. You are a? genius Vic! Never hade a burn i my abs like this. Im telling you ppl, do what this guy says! =)

  5. @vicsnatural how should you know if you dont counting reps? It also include the one arm triceps extension??

  6. @MsIslam4ever
    It really has more to do with keeping the lower back on the floor and the pelvis toward the ceiling. Just to keep things even, and of course, the abs tilt slightly so you want to do everything you can to have a balanced? physique, do the same amount of reps on each side.

  7. Vic, you with, I feel like one day I might just look like the person with the body I want. You really know your stuff and it is immensely helpful. Thank you. Keep making more videos so that everyone can continue using your? exercises and stay fit!!

  8. thanks a lot ^_^
    the Q is: when I left my leg,? how much should I do?
    can I do 100 with each time I left a leg?

  9. hey vic, PLEASE? ANSWER MY QUESTION, can you tell me what are the top 5 things you stay away from the most? i know fryed food, excess sugar, white breads, anything fastfood and soda. anything else? please & thanks

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