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  3. hey hey! Have you tried – fast abs magic (search on google)? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got hot Six pack? abs and lost crazy amounts of fat with it.

  4. @munchkin1298 really……no. but heres a way u can. u can do what he just did over and over, again and again (even if u do for like 20 mins) u still wont get it quickly. really there is no way to get it quickly just? keep excircising (i recommend weight lifting, push ups or speed boxing and jogging at the same time) and remember to drink lots of water. remember ur still young though and that to much training can be bad for u, so if u sense faint, sit down and have a drink. make a little diet.

  5. Ok so? I’m thirteen and I’m about 4’11”. I’m pretty skinny. And I weigh about 95 pounds. How can I get Abs really fast?

  6. my cousin trued this workout nd she did NOT get abs nd now ur sayin that u gotta jog and make a diet 2 !!! thi9s is ment to b u get abs in? 3 minutes

  7. ” I? finally found a diet plan I can stick to at TRYREGENESLIMTODAY(DOT)COM. I have been steadily losing lbs.”

  8. @ArctikMonkee Well because you’re still young, you wont look like those grown men yet, but you should still get excersize and keep yourself at a healthy weight and muscle build. Then as you grow older and continue to excersize you will build the big muscles you see on this man, so? dont be worried if you dont see the same results right away :)

  9. @ArctikMonkee everyone can get them, and you’re in a great age? to get them but you have to work
    1. do cardio workouts (run,,jog,etc)
    2. do abs workout for at least 8 minutes
    3. make a diet

  10. To get great six pack abs you need to lose the body fat covering them. Do metabolic boosting workouts to get an after burn effect and maximize the metabolization of body fat.? Check? out my workout videos as an example.?

  11. @ArctikMonkee wel if ur fat, den i think u should:
    1st-look up videos of how to LOSE FAT
    2nd-wen u think u lost some fat, den try GET? ABS
    dats how i did it, wen i was 13 i was a little fat, now im 14 and im Almost geting abs

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