Six Pack Abs Shortcuts! – “13 Tips to 6 PACK ABS”

Get 6 Pack Abs Here: Shortcuts to “Six Pack Abs” are probably the most in demand pieces of information in the fitness world. Issue upon issue of men’s fitness magazines are devoted to helping guys get closer to their “6 pack” stomachs. That said, there never seems to be any real useable information that you can start doing today to start seeing results. That’s where celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere steps in and shows you 13 Tips to a sick six pack. Utilizing ab exercise tweaks, nutrition tips, secret ingredients that speed up fat loss and metabolism, and workout tips that the top pro athletes use each day…Jeff has assembled his top 13 fastest ways to get those 6 pack abs to start showing. The easiest way to start seeing results is to find ways that make your normal ab workouts either quicker or more effective. Jeff and his AthLEAN-X Training System do just that. Using just these 13 tips as a starting point you can get your plan of ab attack in place. For THE exact plan to follow you can head to http to get the step by step plan for executing your six pack abs transformation! Why wait when you can utilize the best 6 pack shortcuts to get there quicker?!?

25 thoughts on “Six Pack Abs Shortcuts! – “13 Tips to 6 PACK ABS””

  1. @leviterande wrong, if you eat right, you won’t be overweight, and if you do these ab exercises, you will properly train your muscles. cardio just speeds up the process considering? you lose fat quicker.

  2. any body has an advice for people with non matching abs ? like i? got right side abs bigger than the left side ones ???

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  4. @takeachance182 ofc is easier…but this guy? gets laid twice in night…how many times do u get ?

  5. @nico3dog

    Just stretch. Every other day should be fine. Make sure you? hold the stretches for a while. Its pretty relaxing actually.

  6. Why are people commenting, asking for a good way to get a? six pack??? You searched the subject, clicked on the video, the just went right to the comments??? Honestly! Watch the fricken video, for fucks sake! Thats wat its there for!!! lol

  7. Good, I like the video! I can feel I’m getting ripped. But one question, I’m not flexible enough to do leg lifts and bring them up to my head like you do. Any tips in how to b more flexible? Btw I’m? 14 and im 5’8″.

  8. @takeachance182 no… fuck you… do you know why?? because you are too lazy to get off your sorry ass, lose fat and build muscle. I wasnt fat i was accually skinny but thanks to his tips i got? 6 pack abs in just 12 weeks and i still didnt buy the program. so stop bitching around like a fatty and start working because its never easy but yet, people still do it!!

  9. I believe the best way to have a six pack is to do pull ups sit ups and alot of endurance running to get that toned six pack trust me its all about putting in the time and effort and? soon as u know it your looking in the mirror thinking yh i look good

  10. i? been doing everything and this seem to work the best im only 14 and it geting me more riped then ever

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