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  1. Hi people, have you heard for smart599workout, I heard so many good thinks about that training. My friend got perfect 6 pack abs, he burned? fat rapidly, but he refuses to tell me how he achived that :(

  2. /user/midgettosser666 check out my channel for basic exercises to get a six pack and develop upper body strength!? you can do all of them? at your home, no gym needed.

  3. @jimmysmithtraining,@bogie74

    Cardio such as jogging and stairs should help burn? some fat but it’s not as effective as high intense running such as intervals

  4. i am thin and i train my abs for like 4 months but it is not very goog, do i have to just keep it up and then it will work or am i doing something wrong i am? training every second day

  5. One? more thing jimmysmith, is it safe to do ab workout everyday or alternate abs excercise and weight training I.e. every other day?

  6. @jimmysmithtraining You’re an idiot, also i can see that you have a huge belly? under that shirt, also, nice chicken legs

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